Friday, February 29, 2008

i'm moving

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

lazy day

It has been a long time since I wasted time perusing the internet ! I did accomplish laundry today and a little cleaning... I bought myself some bling on etsy. I will hopefully have pix to share after it arrives.
I paid some bills and ordered my first Lornas Laces yarn fom simply socks today too.
It was nice to stay home all day!! I work so much now that I am building my client base (and were short handed) being short handed is fine with me lol ,means I make more money :)
I'm making a shawl with some boucle I had in my stash... but the old wrist hurts and its cold so i'm off to bed!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It's been a long, hard climb.....

I left the OTHER Salon in October after finding a busy Salon here in St. Cloud. I am so glad I did. After 4 months I am building a clientele and have about 1-4 requests daily!!!

I have 2 coworkers who add a little bit of crazy to my life, but hey what the hell ?! right? It's nice to have a steady paycheck ( even if it is only every two weeks ) and tips to live on. We have managed to catch up on the majority of the bills and Uncle Sam was especially nice to us this year!! My Laptop is pretty much a hollow shell of it's former self and I sprung and bought a sweet new Toshiba (with Vista) laptop. We are making progress!

On the knitting front : I am a sockmanaic and have mastered the art of working without a specific pattern! I've made 2 felted bags and some baby items. I am working on two socks from my stash (basicly it has all been knit from my stash) and am going to make a laptop sleeve next. The camera is working but minus one very important component.... the battery charger!!!!!!!!! so as soon as I locate it i'll have PIX!!!!!!!!!

my email is now drop me a line ( I've been lonely lol)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Friday the 13th

Friday the thirteenth has never been superstitious for me.... I was born on January 13th and always scoff at those who are (superstitious). friday was a good day but Saturday got me so SATURDAY THE 14TH is my Friday the 13th LMAO.
I was frustrated with work... they cant seem to schedule me correctly and I was tired of driving an hour to work for little or no appointments. I was out back smoking and got locked out! now I usually tell someone I am out there so they dont lock the door... and walking all the way round isnt really difficult except I try to be discreet about smoking around my clients,as I said I was already in a pissy mood when I threw my cig and turned to go around the front and SMAACK! I hit the pavement ! half on the sidewalk and the upper half of my right side in a ooey wet puddle! I got my self up and was soaked ! I also left a good portion of skin on the cement down my elbow and some of my knee.oh! I also ripped my fave pair of pants!
I was able to get my emotions under control,found the first aid kit and finish my client.I am pretty sore and bruised but no bones broken!!! thank Gawd.
I also managed to bend the owners ear about my concerns at work(lets hope it sunk in?!)
The rest of the weekend has been quiet unless you can count DH picking a really stupid fight with me or the bugs(have no idea what they are? or where they are comming from????) we've discovered in the bathroom ?? that I am fighting as I write this??
So its Saturday the 14th that I am leery of !!! Beware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I've finally gotten my groove goin and have been spinning up a storm! I had fiber in my stash and now that I can manage to spin fine enough singles , I am going to try to spin enough for a pair of socks.
OTN I have alot of UFO'S right now... a bag I plan to felt, My own pattern nothing fancy. Gloves that need fingers for Sydney lol and two pairs of socks.I am going to try to dye some fiber with Kool aid, possibly today.

My niece and her two yr old DD are here from NC!!!!!
They are here for a wedding and very busy but, we managed to spend most of the day on Monday with them! it was hard to find someplace to go where there was AC ,its sooooo damn hot here!
Ray ann is such a sweet baby! ( her mother is too!) she's a really well behaved toddler. I cant believe she's talking so much! We had some floam that sydney got from one of those 25 cent machines and the adults as well as children were having a blast in the resturant! i'll miss them !!!!!
i'll post some pics soon

keep kniiting ya all!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Name my Wheel!

I have been attempting to spin again.... I am fairly good with my drop spindle and have to get in the grove again with my Baines castle wheel .I'd like to know if naming my castle wheel might help??? and how do I give her a name?! iI have yet to be inspired enuf to do so... any idea????

5 things about me

1. I was a sign language interpreter in high school. I have 4 cousins who are Hearing Impaired

2. I hate peppers, any peppers hate them all!!! lol but
I love almost every other vegetable!

3. I have never had any childhood diseases! really! I had Menengitis when I was 19 (not contagious) and after I had my Daughter my Doctors freaked and I had to get the Chicken Pox Vaccine.

4. I want to move back to Minnesota and live on Lk.Superior!! I love the cold but hubby would freeze. I am hoping we can compromise in the next few years and move to the Carolinas.I hate the heat here in Florida.

5. I want a Farm with lots of Animals and few Neighbors lol. I really dont care to socialize much.I prefer my Family ( as in Husband and Daughter) over most people. I dont care for most of my family lol.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

thought this was especially funny ,bein hairdresser and all lol

think this blog needs some pix....

Monday, June 18, 2007

Wishlist :

My Digital Camera from storage.... (could be anywhere hmmm....)
A color Printer
My Laptop and Desktop puters to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a new Cell Phone

Sunday, June 17, 2007

yes its been a long time

too much to say....
I am knitting socks and a felted bag I need to get my camera outa storage and post some pix .
I just started a yahoo group check us out!!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Well I would add some pix but blogger isn't behaving.
I started at the Salon and so far not busy...which means no $ I have expectations and the owner is putting my pic and info in the local bulletin in the area I formerly worked in so, my old clients may see it :) heh would love to be the fly when he former employers see it rofl!
I started another sock for syd from my knitpicks stash and so far so good.I also bought some peaches and cream (used my discount!!!) to make the MD dishcloth.I want to try new things lol
ttfn lesley

Friday, January 12, 2007

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!

I got a call last Monday from The Home Improvement Depot canceling my Interview and rescheduling for the 19th. I was so disappointed and began worrying all over again about our situation. So, I got busy on the Internet loaded up my resume and sent it out all over the place!! The results were great three Interviews set up and guess what?? I was hired immiedently at a Salon in Alatomonte Springs! It's a Day spa/Salon brand new and I am actually excited to get behind a chair. I 've come to the realization that maybe I wasn't burned out of my chosen profession?! but, of the place I was working for 14 1/2 yrs!!
What an ephifany ! DH isn't thrilled cause of the drive I have to make and he made me feel like it wasn't a good choice but... we need the $$$$$$ So we can get the hell out of here and move to NC!
I chose to celebrate by going to the LYS which was on my way home (could be tempting now that I work near there now lol) and I picked up the Fiber Trends Clog pattern I've been wanting !!! I just need the circ's and some wool now.... (first paycheck?)
Tried to do a sock on 2 circ's last night.. not a bad start but I'm thinking I prefer my dpn's lmao

Monday, January 08, 2007

The fact that I have lived in Florida for 28 yrs. really makes that funny!!! I am from Duluth/Superior (MN.- WI. border ya 'all) and that it picked up on my non existant accent is hilarious!!!
Let's see whats i've been up to hmmm....
Thursday I knit in the parking lot at husbeast's Job while waiting for him to pick up his check LOL working on my newest sock which is regia I bought many moons ago.
I frogged ( just do it!) my koigu sock since I didn't like the way it turned out and I didn't have enough to finish the second pair.
I knit up a wristlet from said Koigu cover my tatoo on my wrist when I go for my Job Interview Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!
I went out friday morn and filled applications at Wally-World (felt like I was being asked for my second born child - it took forever) and a Large Home Improvement store.
I need Benefits since the evil bastard I formerly worked for took care of all that when he let me go. I need more surgery and Scott has high blood pressure meds we can no longer afford !!I think EB said you can still keep your insurence thru Cobra .Yeah right Like I could have afforded that !
I digress....
I'm excited about the interview and I no longer wear a watch so the wristlet was a good idea for now.
I fell down the stairs on the back porch of our building from the second floor! Yup ankle went out from under me and while I managed to grab the railing I left a bit of skin on it ! My right knee looks like it did when I fell off my bike 30 yrs ago and I am a lovely shade of purple.
I am still working on husbeasts scarf and I need to finish syd's gloves and make her a matching scarf for her 9th b-day (feb. 9th) doubt I can finish her gryfendor scarf by then....
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Sunday, December 31, 2006

When is a yarn store NOT a yarn store??!!!!!!

blogger is acting silly tonight....must be celebrating early lol

When is a yarn store NOT a yarn store??!!!!!!

Yesterday I went with Syd to Celebration (a town Disney built LMAO).I had time to kill before goin to do a clients hair( yes, occasionally I still DO HAIR).I had looked up the local LYS and lemme tell ya'all there aren't many!
This particular one was listed as Yarn and clothing and I thought I'd give it a shot. It was 90 % clothing with 10% yarn and of course it was the most expensive stuff you can buy .I'm not knocking it especially since the location of said "LYS" but hey! it's not a YARN store!!!!!!!!!!!
This happened one other time when I went with Mother-in law to Mount Dora 2 yrs ago. One was to the ceiling with Yarn galore and the other..... NOT A YARN Store.
Fellow Blogging knitters I swear that when I am finally capable of opening my own LYS it will not contain clothing unless KNITTED!!
Oh an poor Syd HAD to go to the bathroom and Ms.snooty employee said we had to go down the street to find one! yeah right.Walked across the street to a children's store and the lovely saleslady let syddles go there.
I want to say Good f-ingbye to 2006 !!!! here's to 2007 ya'all!!!!


Friday, December 29, 2006

I finally have enuf internet (signal that is) to surf my Fave blogs! and I have even found some great new faves!!!
I was reading Crazy Aunt Purl ( I have made it a habit to read and admire her blogging always!)
She wrote out her New Yrs. resoloutions I like the way this girl thinks...makes me think a bit about mine.
This was the WORST YEAR EVER! things haven't been so great since mom passed away but SH*T !
so I am going to look deeep inside and work on making 2007 BETTER ( hey, it's a start).
On the other hand husbeast has been an ass since christmas day ! He get's all moody and quiet and I never know if it's me or just life in general.This get's me moody and crabby.I know he doesn't even consider my feelings...stuck with syd all the time job etc... (I love syd but hey I need a break once in awhile!).He thinks I'm just being bitchy when I say his family has turned on me ( they have) and tonight Syd and I were fiddling with my blog and she asked if he had seen it since i changed it? his only reply was "am I in it??" at the time no but now you are
you ASS.

OK enough ranting

Knitting.... think i'm gonna run out of Koigu i'm using for my socks (wahhhh) think I might just run by the LYS and check em out . I didn't get ANYTHING for x-mas so ..... there ya go I deserve it
oh !! and if any blogging experts care to refresh my memory...
I would like to add my fave bloggers to the sidebar and cant remember HOW???????

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

yes there is a Santa Claus!

My check arrived Saturday eve!!!!!!!!!!! in the Nick of time ( get it?? lol)
Syd and I flew over to Mother in laws to pick it up and get it cashed so Scott to get to work on time.
I woke up x-tra early so I could get some shopping done ! I have to say I was surprized that Wally World was not packed to the gills with shoppers! I even treated myself to Dunkin coffee and a Bagel !
I managed to get her prezzies wrapped before heading to the IN (out) laws for dinner and gifts.Amazing how once I considered them family and now I feel as tho I am an outsider.

Syd was soooo excited to see Santa on the NORAD web page tracking his route! she exclaimed "he DOES exist!" thank Gawd this yr hasnt been good for any of us and I worry about her... she is amazing!!
Knitting news:
startyed a 2x2 ribbed sock on #2 dpn's ( broke 2 so far) I think they will be syd's b-day prezzie .When I turned the heel I realized they would be to narrow for my Wide foot but, Im glad I got my groove back and they yarn is Koigu from my stash.I cant wait to get a job ( applied yesterday for another) so I can buy yarn!! ( of course other things come first).
So, at least Syndey had a good X-mas and still believes ;)

Saturday, December 23, 2006



Thursday, August 31, 2006

Camera isnt available ... I am currently working on a pair of toe up socks for..... MYSELF
Can you believe it? I finished frankies first footie and broke a needle!!!
so I decided to begin a pair for lil ol me on Koigu (can't remmember the colorway LOL)
Joined the Bohemian Knitters list and once we move I hope to get my craft area up so I can paint a bit.I found my oils and want to try some fairies for a tatoo I am thinking about getting.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thursday, August 24, 2006


well life has been even shittier than last year.I wont bore you all with my troubles.If you are really curious you can look at my yahoo360 page shlesss.
I have three things otn tube socks for syd,a heating pad cover and footies for frankie
Now that i have Internet again i'll be here more often!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lots of news... Surprize!

Lots to tell...
I have numerous Dr appt's lately... went to the Orthopedic/Arthritis Dr yeaterday and have a splint for each hand. I like theese much better as they are moveable and I can Knit as well as type with them!
I have to go back in the next two weeks for two proceedures 1. arthroscopic proceedure on left wrist seems I may have lost a disc LOL and bone scan on bothe hands,wrists. Retiring from hair seems imminent.
I have also elected to have female surgery. Scott and I wanted to have at least two children... we began trying when Sydney was three. I had stopped ovulating and then we tried Fertility drugs,Doctors etc...Sydney is now 7 1/2 and we have not been lucky enough to give her a brother or sister.Soooo, i spoke with my OB/GYN and asked why I should continue taking the medication since my cycle is soo messed up and he said if we were finished trying (which we are) I could have a proceedure called Endometrial ablasion. This will remove the uterine lining and the best part... NO MORE PERIODS!!!!!!!!!! yay!! why have them if I can't get pregnant anyway ?? LOL
So the hand/wrist/thumb stuff in the next two weeks and i will have my Female surgery the 27th of Dec.
I plan to have a GREAT 2006 ! let's get this other crap out of the way now lol
On the knitting front, I have to finish two xmas projects and I am working on a pair of socks for myself. I cannot find my camera since the move so pictures soon to come i hope.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Where have I been???? not on the Internet apparently lol
We have sold our house and moved closer to work. I hate moving!! we hired movers for friday and they showed up with a small truck etc... at least we were able to move our Furniture and on Sat. we had two of Scott's co workers help as well as his brothers and brothers girlfriend!! We pooped out today and will have to go back tommorrow for the rest of the stuff we left behind. Oh! did I mention the Hurricane???? yeah we will try to move during a Hurricane !!! GO FLORIDA!!
on the Knitting front I have made 3 pairs of fingerless gloves for x-mas presents and am working on anothe pair of roll top socks for myself.
Once we are settled I am going to try and get the online store up and running! so be on the lookout for KNITBITZ !

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


There aren't enough days in the week!!!
Sydney had her first Homeschool evaluation!! And she will now be starting the 2nd grade!!! yeah!

We emptied out our storage unit finally. We have had it since Mom became ill and we had to move suddenly to take care of her. Well, She passed a year and a half ago so it was about time (and one less bill each month.) except now the LivingRoom is FULL OF BOXES!! I managed to empty two while I was wandering around this a.m. doing laundry, edging the lawn know those darn CHORES!!!!

Hopefully I can empty more this weekend so I can get to my desk ,sewing machine etc ... LOL

I finished my second neverending sock yesterday and began another this am... we'll see how long this one takes LOL it's an anklet so maybe i will wear it ?? LOL

Thursday, July 14, 2005

neverending sock part two

the beginning of the second sock... a much better start...

Neverending sock

WhooHoo !!!!

It's finally finished :)

Sydney is modeling

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

This is the purse from Amy Butler I am working on.Her fabric as well.


Here she is!! My Baynes wheel

This little guy was Hungry!! he cam right up to us on Grandmama Eleanor's porch 4th of July while we were waiting to do our Fireworks.Stacey started throwing bread to him. He had quite a dinner!!

Sarah and Rayanne !!

Stacey and Marah on the porch of our Hotel in NC (can you tell they are cold ?? LOL

and this is "My Sarah" Rayannes Mommy :)

this is Rayanne june 2005

Sunday, July 03, 2005

My Father used to say "One step forward Two steps back"
It's true.We think were getting ahead then WHAM! those bills keep comming in.
On a good note We drove to NC to see Sarah and my new Great Niece Rayanne!!! It was myself,niece Stacey her son Justin,Sydney and Marah ( a workgirl as Sydney would say LOL).
It was a short trip but nice to see them.Emily even made an appearance ! (Sarah's 12 yr old Sisiter).The weather was beautiful ,never above 65 and even though there was a bit of rain we managed to visit,see the small zoo in Maggie Valley and shop in Waynesville.
Scott and I are talking about moving there sooner than later.This house is too big now that my Mother is gone and I am ready to retire from being an 19 yr hairdressing vet(now,that's a mouthful!).
We can get more for our money there and I want to open my Yarn shop!!.Looks like I have to postpone the Online store for now,but I have my contacts and will be ready after finances get straightened out!!
I wish I could post pix but this darn laptop hates my camera LOL .I'll have to try scanning them in the oldfashioned way.
Be Well

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I am a bad blogger!!!
Well, I have an excuse ... I had the worst stomach flu for a week and a half (i will spare the details!)
I didn't Knit a stitch and Hubby even mentioned I hadn't spun on the new wheel either .Well, DUH I was in the bathroom for 10 days!!! MEN! (sorry Scott ;) )
I picked up my knitting yesterday... I frogged the whole Tank dress I am making for two month old Rae anne and I think I figured out where I was going wrong... I can't count LOL so, I took out the trusty hi-lighter and marked the sizes I need to knit to get it right! it's a pattern from Debbie Bliss "baby knits for beginners" HA!
As for the NEVERENDING SOCK it seems ... well HUGE! Hmm dont feel like frogging it...not gonna do it... i'll just keep truckin along and then I can at least say I made a Sock!!!! (as in ONE)
I have begun to design a webpage for the Online store and have been reading up on Online business's SP???
I never realized that searching for wholesale Yarn, Fiber would be sooo difficult... I keep getting foreign sites.Not that there is anything wrong with that but, I am a small business and I don't want to deal with shipping etc... any ideas ppl????
And in the spinning front.. I can do it!!! albeit not well LOL but I think I have the idea... we have the Ferrets (yes there are 2 now) in the front room and Sydney let's them run around i'll be spinning then BAM!! I get bonked by a ferret on the leg,foot LOL They are soo darn cute! Scott has even gotten to like them (I think) he let them run around while being in the same room yesterday LOL and he was giving them treats tonite ( I saw it with my own eyes!!!)
Ok enough for now... I promise to blog again soon (UH HUH LOL)

Monday, May 16, 2005


I have decided to go ahead and begin my online business! Yes! I am!
We planned to wait til we retire to NC in few years but, I have gotten the bug! I am getting all my Florida Tax stuff together and will be creating a site soon!! Once that is done I will get my merchandise ordered so keep watching my blog for news Please....
So what will I have for sale?? Yarn!! Fiber!! Accesories related to Knitting and Spinning and hopefully Spinning Wheels and Spindles eventually.
Any suggestions?? please email me .I need to research Wholsalers too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

yes it's ME! I hate having my pic taken OY!

MY New Wheel! I took the plunge! 9 days and counting :)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Knitting News!

I finally ordered my wheel!!!!!!!!!! I went with a Banes single treadle! I cant wait!!!.I also ordered some fiber to play with! Whoo hoo!
I also fell in love with Sydney's ferret and Scott let me have another for Mother's Day. I Love you Honey! Sydeny gave me a cute neclace (from the children's dept @ Target LOL I'll post pictures when I get the puter fixed. Of course I named him Yoda since Sydney named her's Anakin LOL
Hopefully the puter will start working soon!!then I'll do another Happy Dance.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Hmmm... still no pix the desktop is still out of order(sigh).I haven't been knitting! I had such a busy weekend running errands/yardwork etc..etc.. that I just haven't picked it back up.
Sydney's pet rat died unexpectantly friday.Another pet bites the dust!
She also had the Cold from Hell all weekend! we researched the web for pets and once DH agreed we decided to look into ferrets! Well, after 2 days of intensely researching them we went monday and bought one! His name is Anakin (what movie is comming out soon??!) and we bought all the accoutrements for him cage,collar,tag,food,etc... I have to say he is soooo sweet Dh won't touch him tho LOL
Sydney originally picked a white one out (he is a sable?) but all it did was nip at her face so we convinced her to choose another.
He thinks I am for sleeping on LOL and Sydney is able to cart him all over with no complaints :) Yea!! We discovered that he will play tug of war with a sock! too funny.
Hopefully I'll have some photo's up soon and back to Knitting I am!